Bail Process

When a person is arrested on a offense they are transported by the local police department or the sheriff directly to the county jail. Upon arrival the person is processed (booked-in) and is cleared then bail is set. At that point, the defendant can forfeit his/her right to see a judge within 72 hours (weekends and holidays excluded) of arrest and bail out.

You have two options:

1)   The defendant or someone other than the defendant can post a cash bond at the jail.

The person must pay 100% of the dollar amount of bail for the defendant’s offense. Example: If the set bail is $10,000, then $10,000 cash will need to be posted.

When the defendant has fulfilled all of his/her obligations by appearing in court for all court dates until the case is resolved, the cash posted for his/her release will then be returned to the party who posted it.

2)   If neither the defendant nor family members or friends have access to the entire amount of the bond. They can call a Licensed Bail Agent and make arrangements to post the Bail Bond.

There are two important terms to know when using a bail agent:


    • Premium is 10% of the set bail and once the defendant is released on said bond and at that time is nonrefundable. Example: If surety bail is set at $10,000, then $1,000 (except in FL all bonds under $1000, the minimum premium is $100) cash, credit or check (once verified with banking institution) will be accepted.
    • Collateral is held by the Bail Agent until the defendant has finished all required appearances with the court, at such time must be returned within 60 days of case disposition.
    • Collateral is usually one of four things, CASH, CARS, REAL ESTATE, and in some cases SIGNATURES of a person who qualifies to be financially responsible to secure the bond.

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