We want to make this process easy especially in tough times.  To help speed up the process we have a set of forms you will or may need to fill out available anytime by clicking the links below.  Please note, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  Most computers have it standard but you can go do to download a free version.


The Indemnity Agreement all of this information is on you. I need you to complete the entire top part of the indemnity agreement. I need (4) references and sign below the date. > Please fill in as follows The 1st blank under reference add The defendant’s name, the second blank write out The total amount of the bond not the amount you pay and the third blank add The defendant. Please fill in the date and sign under the date on the line marked (L.S.).

The Power of Attorney states that you will give us consent to any information that you have on him/her so that we can locate them should they miss court.

The Harboring Agreement states you will not aide the defendant in avoiding prosecution for the charges they are being bonded on.

The Disclosure Notice states that the defendant can’t leave the state without permission from the court. If he/she moves from one address to another they must notify us and the courts; so that their court notices will go to the proper address. The defendant must report in our office within 24 hours.

The Promissory Note clearly states that in the event the defendant does not go you will be responsible to pay the full bond amount to Rico Reed Bail Bonds. (Ex: If defendant has a $1,500 bond you will have to pay to $1,500).

Each form much be completed and signed.

I need you to fax all completed and signed forms to 863-534-1629 or email to

I need you to send a copy of your photo id via email or SMS to 863-581-0435. Each person signing on the bond should complete a set of forms. Once we have received all forms and payment this will begin the bonding process. > > If you have any questions, please call me at 863-534-8989.


Confidential Application    CLICK HERE

Disclosure Notice     CLICK HERE

Harboring or Aiding Criminal Fugitives    CLICK HERE

Indemnity Agreement    CLICK HERE

Power of Attorney    CLICK HERE